Damage Repair Services

About Hospitality Support Pros

Fire. Water Damage. Mold. When the unthinkable happens, you need to act fast. In the event of a Fire, Flood, or Storm damage, you need professional help to get your property back to business. Hospitality Support Pros offers multiple product offerings to assist you in property recovery and restoration. HPS offers Property Restoration for the following issues:

  • Water


    Water is amazingly destructive. Even small floods can cause extensive damage. Our trained technicians will evaluate any damage, and repair or replace unsafe materials. Additionally, repairing water damage will ensure that another problem, Mold, does not develop.

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  • Fire


    Fire. A scary thought. Fire damage can thoroughly ruin a rental unit. Even small fires cause smoke and water damage, which is often unseen and hidden. Our Fire Restoration specialists will thoroughly inspect and repair fire and water damage to ensure your units are restored and repaired, like new.

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  • Mold


    Mold is often a hidden, yet dangerous restoration challenge. Mold can cause health and safety issues and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. At HSP, we work to ensure that any moisture issues are addressed, so that mold remediation will be successful long term.

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